2019 Quantum Facts and 2020 Quantum Predictions

January is a good period to sit back and check previous year with easy criticism and to predict new year facts with a fair dose of ‘realistic’ optimism. And a bit of humor (and bias?) too.

So here are our top quantum 2019 facts and our top quantum 2020 predictions. Feel free to comment, we’ll appreciate.

By the way, we wish you a very nice Quantum 2020 New Year!

2019 Top Quantum Facts

No one can argue: the most hyped and buzzed quantum fact of 2019 is the (in)famous Google Quantum Supremacy. Whatever one likes or not, one must admit quantum technology and computing is now a board-level discussion topic.

Besides that tremendous news which even reached popcorn-eaters thanks to heavy mass media exposure, there are some major 2019 facts we would like to underline:

Amazon Braket: a paradigm shift – Amazon AWS announces new Quantum Computing Service (Amazon Braket) along with AWS Center for Quantum Computing and AWS Quantum Solutions Lab. It had been hardly a secret for weeks but… Read more…
Psiquantum raises $230M – Psiquantum has raised $230 million which would be one of the biggest investments to date in Quantum Computing, The Telegraph reports.  Psiquantum was developed at the University of Bristol’s Centre… Read more…
China’s quantum satellite links with world’s first mobile ground station – China’s quantum communication satellite, Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS) nicknamed Micius, has successfully linked up with the world’s first mobile quantum ground station and conducted an encrypted data transmission… Read more…
Diamond-based 10-qubit register with coherence more than one minute – Researchers at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, have created a diamond-based quantum memory device that can retain a quantum state for more than a minute, making it the most stable… Read more…
Long distance silicon qubit communication – Researchers at Princeton University have demonstrated that two quantum-computing components, known as silicon spin qubits, can interact even when spaced relatively far apart on a computer chip, which unlocks new… Read more…

And two major 2019 facts regarding Swiss Quantum Hub:

Quantonation and Swiss Quantum Hub (SQH) collaborate on Quantum – Startups Swiss Quantum Hub (SQH) is pleased to announce a partnership with Quantonation to help accelerating and funding Swiss quantum startups. As part of this collaboration, Quantonation has a priority access… Read more…
Swiss Quantum Investor Club (SQIC) launched – The Swiss Quantum Investor Club (SQIC) connects investors (private persons, VCs, family offices and corporates) and business angels to Swiss seed and early-stage quantum (mainly) and deep tech startups. The… Read more…

2020 Top Quantum Predictions

Here are our Top Ten 2020 quantum predictions.

See you in 2021 to check them!

  • Intel will announce a quantum breakthrough with silicon qubits
  • TU Delft will be the most exciting quantum university with impressive papers and labs achievements
  • One financial company (probably US-based) will announce a breakthrough in fast trading and/or portfolio risk assessment using quantum algorithms
  • At least ten startups will get more than $500M each in funding
  • Israël will be the new quantum startup nation with some surprising startups exiting from shadow mode
  • Startup consolidation phase will begin with first generation companies buying new ones
  • Quantum business will mainly be driven by military investments in quantum sensing and QKD security
  • IBM will announce new quantum volume achievement 😉
  • Google will achieve new quantum supremacy 😉
  • Swiss Quantum Hub installation at EPFL Innovation Park, Lausanne, Switzerland will be a success 😉😉😉