Quantum Personality of the Year

In June 2020, we decided, on a yearly base, to elect the Quantum Personality of the Year.

The 6-10 nominees are selected by our Advisory Board during the Year n.

Then an interview of each nominee is published on our website and our monthly newsletter from mid-December up to mid-January, Year n.

A call for vote is proposed by the end of January, Year n+1, to all our members/subscribers.

The winner is announced by the beginning of February, Year n+1.

Quantum Personality of the Year 2020 – Nominees:

Ilyas Khan elected Quantum Personality of the Year 2020

With more than 40% of the votes, Ilyas Khan, CEO of Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) has won the title of « Quantum Personality of the Year 2020 ».