Atos delivers Quantum Learning Simulator to Japan

Atos Quantum Machine Simulator (QLM)

Atos announced that it has sold its Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM), the world’s highest-performing commercially available quantum simulator, through its APAC distributor Intelligent Wave Inc. (IWI), in Japan.

This is the first QLM that Atos has sold in Japan.

Combining a high-powered, ultra-compact machine with a universal programming language, the Atos QLM enables researchers and engineers to develop and experiment with quantum software. It is the world’s only quantum software development and simulation appliance for the coming quantum computer era. It simulates the laws of physics, which are at the very heart of quantum computing, to compute the exact execution of a quantum program with double-digit precision.

The introduction of the Atos QLM enables companies to prepare algorithms tailored to their own use cases and adapt them to current and future quantum technologies. It also supports research and educational institutions in training human resources to quantum programming and to promote advanced research on these topics.

The Atos QLM simulates the behavior of a quantum computer, meaning that quantum algorithms can be developed without the need for quantum hardware. As the Atos QLM is hardware-agnostic, quantum algorithms developed on it can be executed on any quantum computer from any manufacturer.

Launched in 2017, the Atoms QLM is being used in numerous countries worldwide including Austria, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Senegal, UK and the United States, empowering major research programs in various sectors.

Atos’ ambitious program to anticipate the future of quantum computing – the ‘Atos Quantum’ program – was launched in November 2016. As a result of this initiative, Atos was the first organization to offer a quantum noisy simulation module within the Atos QLM. (InsideHPC)

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