Atos provides its 30-qubit Quantum Simulator (QLM) to Finland

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Atos has delivered its Atos Quantum Learning Machine, the world’s highest-performing commercially available quantum simulator, to CSC – IT Center for Science in Finland. The 30-qubit Atos Quantum Learning Machine – called Kvasi – gives the Finnish science and research community the means to prepare for the upcoming era of quantum computing.

The Atos QLM is a quantum simulation platform that consists of an accessible programming environment, optimization modules to adapt the code to targeted quantum hardware constraints, and simulators that allow users to test their algorithms and visualize their computation results. This allows for realistic simulation of existing and future quantum processing units, which suffer from quantum noise, quantum decoherence, and manufacturing biases. Performance bottlenecks can thus be identified and circumvented.

Finland is at the forefront of quantum research. In 2016, Finnish and American researchers were the first in the world to observe and tie a quantum knot, using CSC computers to drive key simulations. In 2020, researchers from CSC, Aalto University and Åbo Akademi and their collaborators from Boston University, demonstrated for the first time how the noise impacts on quantum computing in a systematic way. (Atos)