Boston Consulting Group – Where will Quantum Computer create value and When ?

By Matt Langione, Corban Tillemann-Dick, Amit Kumar, and Vikas Taneja

Quantum computers will soon begin to solve many industrial problems that today’s computers cannot. Over time, we expect productivity gains—both cost savings and revenue opportunities—to surpass $450 billion in operating income annually.

Who Benefits?

Early adopters stand to gain expertise, visibility into knowledge and technological gaps, and even intellectual property that will put them at a structural advantage as quantum computing gains commercial traction.

How Soon?

Development will take place over three phases with accelerating progress. But it will not follow a smooth, continuous curve. Instead, quantum computing is a candidate for a precipitous breakthrough that may come at any time.

Next Steps

Companies in industries with complex simulation and optimization requirements,such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, finance, aeronautics, and automotive, shouldassess the potential impact of quantum computing and, if appropriate, pursue a partnership strategy with a quantum computing technology provider.

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