Cambridge Quantum Computing and Honeywell announce new investment and strengthened partnership

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Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) announced today that Honeywell Ventures has deepened its collaboration with CQC by investing in the company. The investment comes after a significant period of collaboration between CQC and the quantum computing division of Honeywell, which included CQC becoming Honeywell’s first beta user.

In addition to announcing Honeywell Ventures’ investment in CQC, Honeywell Quantum Systems (HQS) has published a scientific paper that provides details about the architecture of their QCCD (quantum charge-coupled device) trapped ion quantum processor that will be the world’s most powerful quantum computer when it is released. CQC are proud and honoured to have been beta users of the HQS device that has led to this important scientific and technical achievement.

The paper is available here.

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