Cambridge Quantum Computing launches first Cloud-based Quantum Random Number Generator service

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Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) today launched the world’s first cloud-based Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) Service with integrated verification for the user, an important stepping stone on the road to Quantum Advantage.

The application developed by CQC generates true maximal randomness, or entropy, on an IBM Quantum computer that is device independent and that can be verified and thus certified as truly quantum – and therefore truly random – for the first time.

As part of a joint effort with IBM, the beta QRNG Service will initially be available to members of the IBM Q Network, a community of more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, startups and national research labs working with IBM to advance quantum computing.

Working with IBM, CQC have attained two quantum computing milestones: one in computation and the other in the cloud delivery of a service that can lead to real-world applications. From classical and post-quantum cryptography to complex Monte Carlo simulations where vast amounts of entropy are required to eliminate hidden patterns, certifiable quantum randomness will provide a new opportunity for advantage in relevant enterprise and government applications.

The QRNG service integrates a Bell test based on the Mermin inequality, offered through a Qiskit module, which validates the true quantum nature of the underlying processes with statistical analysis.

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