EY: Could Quantum Computing be the technology that drives your quantum leap forward?

An interesting though entry-level document from EYQ (EYQ is EY’s think tank) about Quantum Computing.

Some quotations/excerpts:

“Quantum technologies offer huge potential for disruption. C-suite leaders that want their companies to be relevant tomorrow need to begin embedding quantum technologies in their strategic planning today.”

Gil Forer – EY Global Markets Digital and Business Disruption Leader

“We don’t know what the future holds for quantum computing but regardless I believe that we will eventually develop something useful with this technology.”

Sen Yang – Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

As Quantum Computing matures it will open unfathomable opportunities for companies in every industry. By positioning themselves early, companies could use Quantum Computing to formulate their next billion-dollar idea. C-suites and Boards of corporations need to begin thinking now about integrating Quantum Computing into their long-term strategic plan, building institutional knowledge for tomorrow and addressing the challenges that lie beyond.

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