First intuitive programming language for quantum computers

Computer scientists at ETH Zurich have developed the first quantum programming language that enables solving complex computations elegantly, simply and safely. Credit: ETH Zurich

Researchers at ETH Zurich have designed the first programming language, Silq, that can be used to program quantum computers as simply, reliably and safely as classical computers. 

Silq is the very first high-level programming language for quantum computers. High-level programming languages are more expressive, meaning that they can describe even complex tasks and algorithms with less code.

Silq is the first quantum programming language that is not designed primarily around the construction and functionality of the hardware, but on the mindset of the programmers when they want to solve a problem—without requiring them to understand every detail of the computer architecture and implementation.

Silq is also the first programming language that automatically identifies and erases values that are no longer needed. It’s a major breakthrough in terms of optimizing the programming of quantum computers.

The paper can be read there.