France announces a 1.8 billion euros Quantum Plan

French Flag

The French President has just announced that the french research centers, start-ups and industrial groups will have a budget of 1.8 billion euros over five years. France has now a Quantum Plan.

The French Quantum Plan will focus on research aimed to quantum computers but also to develop quantum sensors and secure quantum communications.

With renowned physicists (Alain Aspect, Serge Haroche), major companies (Atos and Thales for the design of quantum technologies; EDF, Total and Orano for their use) and start-ups, France already has a world-class quantum ecosystem. But the underfunding of its research has always been a serious drawback, which pushes many researchers to emigrate.

In this context of strong international competition, most of the funding of this Quantum Plan will therefore be granted to research and academics.

Of the 1.8 billion, 350 million will go to the development of quantum simulators (Atos!) and 430 million to the quantum computers. (Les Echos)

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