Groovenauts and D-Wave collaborate on hybrid Quantum Computing

D-wave core

Founded in 2012 by Eihiro Saishu and Kumiko Sasaki, Fukuoka-based Groovenauts is one of Japan’s preeminent quantum pioneers. The software company developed a cloud service called MAGELLAN BLOCKS in 2016 that enables companies across industries to use AI to solve hard business problems.

Earlier in 2019, Groovenauts unveiled a commercial service that integrates quantum computing into MAGELLAN BLOCKS with D-Wave. The combination of technologies gives users a quantum-hybrid solution for tackling business problems, without requiring specialized physics or programming knowledge. Groovenauts and D-Wave have been working together since 2018.

The first application had been shift scheduling for a Japanese retail chain store. Groovenauts was able to successfully use the D-Wave 2000Q to optimize shifts during one of the busiest parts of the day in retail — 8am to 2pm — in 130 stores across Japan.

Mitsubishi Estate is also working with Groovenauts to use AI and quantum computing techniques to solve the problem of labor shortages for waste collection staff, while lowering overall CO2 emissions for the city. This project will find optimal routes to efficiently collect waste created at buildings owned by Mitsubishi Estate. (

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