High-dimensional quantum teleportation

Experimental setup for teleporting a qutrit state of a single photon.

A team at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) has demonstrated the teleportation of high-dimensional states in a three-dimensional six-photon system.

Compared with two-dimensional systems, high-dimensional system quantum networks have the advantages of higher channel capacity and better security.

In a linear optical system, auxiliary entanglement is the key to realizing high-dimensional quantum teleportation. The researchers exploited the spatial mode (path) to encode the three-dimensional states that has been demonstrated to extremely high-fidelity, and used an auxiliary entangled photon pair to perform the High-Dimensional Bell State Measurement (HDBSM), demonstrating the teleportation of a three-dimensional quantum state using the spatial mode of a single photon.

In this work, the fidelity of teleportation process matrix could reach 0.5967, which is seven standard deviations above the fidelity of 1/3, which proves the teleportation is both non-classical and genuinely three dimensional.

This study paves the way to rebuild complex quantum systems remotely and to construct complex quantum networks. (Phys.org)

The paper has been published in Physical Review Letters.

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