High-quality photon entanglement out of a stand-alone silicon chip

Schematics of the experimental setup - High-quality photonic entanglement out of a stand-alone silicon chip

The fruitful association of quantum and integrated photonics holds the promise to produce, manipulate, and detect quantum states of light using compact and scalable systems.

Integrating all the building blocks necessary to produce high-quality photonic entanglement in the telecom-wavelength range out of a single chip remains a major challenge, mainly due to the limited performance of on-chip light rejection filters.

A team of researchers from CNRS, France, has reported a stand-alone, telecom-compliant device that integrates, on a single substrate, a nonlinear photon-pair generator and a passive pump-rejection filter.

Using standard channel-grid fiber demultiplexers, they demonstrated the first entanglement qualification of such an integrated circuit, showing the highest raw quantum interference visibility for time-energy entangled photons over two telecom-wavelength bands. Genuinely pure, maximally entangled states can therefore be generated thanks to the high-level of noise suppression obtained with the pump filter.

These results will certainly further promote the development of more advanced and scalable photonic-integrated quantum systems compliant with telecommunication standards.

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