High-speed Quantum Random Number Generator secure against quantum attacks

High-speed quantum random number generator secure against quantum attacks (DTU Physics)

A team of researchers from DNRF center bigQ at DTU Physics have, in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, University of York and the Danish company Cryptomathic A/S, developed a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) device which is secure even against attacks exploiting the full potential of future quantum technologies.

Not only does the demonstrated QRNG have the highest security against quantum attacks, it also boosts a 2.9 Gbit/s rate, placing it firmly among the fastest QRNG devices to date.

High-speed random number generation is important for applications such as quantum key distribution which provides encryption keys secure against attacks making use of quantum computers. High speed is also important in the cloud where the heavy data traffic consumes cryptographic keys at a very high rate.

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