HQS Quantum Simulations closes €2.3 Million seed financing round

Founded in 2017, HQS provides the software to facilitate the coming revolution in computationally supported new material design. HQS is a spin-off from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and provides software for quantum computers. The founders had worked together for four years at the KIT and then took the step to bridge the gap between academia and industrial applications. Initially backed by Angel investors Friedrich Hoepfner and Manfred Ziegler, HQS has now closed a seed round of €2.3 million with experienced deep-tech investors UVC Partners, HTGF, and btov.

HQS has well established collaborations with BASF, Bosch and Merck. These collaborations connect the chemistry industry, which has been hugely successful in Germany for more than a century, to a highly innovative field of the future. Quantum computers can massively enhance the speed of material development and is therefore a critical technology for the chemical sector.

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