IQM partners with Atos and CSC

IQM’s CEO and Co-founder Dr Jan Goetz: “IQM’s new underground labs are ideally positioned for integration of the Atos QLM.”

IQM announces the formation of a partnership with Atos and CSC – IT Center for Science to create the first comprehensive 100% European quantum ecosystem which includes a simulator, universal programming environment and quantum hardware.

As part of this initiative, IQM will use the Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM) to offer a complete programming, compilation and execution environment for its quantum processor. IQM will also take advantage of Atos QLM’s advanced hardware characterization tools including gate tomography and numerical noise modeling. In addition to their computing expertise, CSC will contribute an Atos QLM to the initiative. Phase one of the project, which consists of connecting the Atos QLM to IQM’s quantum accelerator, is already underway at CSC’s facility in Espoo, Finland.

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