LIGENTEC joins Swiss Quantum Hub


We are delighted to announce that LIGENTEC SA, leader in low loss Silicon Nitride Integrated Photonics, has become a member of the Swiss Quantum Hub (SQH). Swiss based LIGENTEC provides custom specific integrated photonics circuits for a wide range of applications such as LiDAR, Biosensing, Space and Quantum and is a spin-off from the EPFL Lausanne.

Recently, LIGENTEC was involved in a work which attracted a lot of attention in the photonic quantum computing area. By providing chips based on silicon nitride waveguides and thermo-optic phase shifters to Canadian based hardware company Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc. – a SQH member – they allowed them to develop a programmable photonic quantum chip able to execute multiple algorithms at room-temperature. This work was published in the journal Nature.

“The SQH is proud to welcome LIGENTEC as a new member”, said Julien Levallois, President of the SQH. “LIGENTEC has a strong track record in the field of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). The performance of their devices and service makes them the world leader in silicon nitride PICs and their recent successful collaboration with Xanadu is proof of this. No doubt this is only the beginning, and we look forward to working with them and to help them to expand their support of the quantum technologies industry.”

”Being able to contribute to this exciting and fast moving field of quantum technologies fills us with pride. We are convinced that integrated photonics technologies will play a key role in future quantum computing and quantum communication systems to support our society in generating a safe and sustainable future”, states co-founder Michael Geiselmann. “The Swiss Quantum Hub is a perfect platform to network and exchange along the value chain of this new vertical market with huge potential.”

Some questions to Michael Geiselmann, co-founder and managing director of LIGENTEC.

Tell us few words about LIGENTEC. What makes LIGENTEC’s technology so performant? How do you create value?

MG: With our All Nitride Technology, we achieve very low loss waveguides with very interesting non-linear optical properties. In quantum technologies, where every photon counts this is a key differentiator and enables at the same time the generation of entangled photon pairs e.g. with four wave mixing and squeezed states. Besides the pure technological aspects, our strong customer service, high flexibility and short turn around times are key aspects for our customers to partner with us from the beginning of their integrated photonics journey.

What are your next innovations – in all applications? 

MG: In the near future, we will be expanding our PDK with additional building blocks and for additional wavelength to further simplify the use of our low loss silicon nitride PIC platform and in parallel continue our upscaling activities to enable us to deliver high volumes of integrated photonic devices. 

What are the next stages for LIGENTEC regarding quantum applications? In which quantum fields (other than photonic quantum computing) are you looking to develop? Are you looking for new partnerships?

MG: We are currently offering an additional technology with the AN400 targeting applications in the deep red and near infrared to complement our AN800 which is designed for the traditional 1300nm to 1600nm wavelengths. Our AN150 technology targets quantum sensing applications in the visible wavelength range. Applications beside quantum computing include quantum cryptography, quantum sensing, ion trapping on chip and optical atomic clocks through the generation of on chip frequency comb. 

How do you see LIGENTEC being involved in the quantum ecosystem in 5 years?

MG: We see ourselves as an important technology partner and component supplier for leading commercial players in the quantum ecosystem. 

Why is it interesting for a startup company to join Swiss Quantum Hub?

MG: Quantum technologies are a key application domain for our company where we have a range of customers and projects from basic research to technology development. A strong interaction and networking with the ecosystem are key for us. 

Benefits of membership

Affiliate membership in SQH is open to individuals, high schools, startup, corporates as well as supporting entities that advocate and promote the development of quantum technologies, products and services in Switzerland and worldwide. SQH Members receive a number of benefits including access to and be listed in the SQH Ecosystem directory, discounts on SQH and partners events, news dissemination, and assistance for startup with technology and IP assessment, business development consulting, fundraising, and connection with investment funds and business angels.


LIGENTEC SA, a spin-off from the EPFL Lausanne, offers application specific Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) to customers in disruptive high-tech areas such as Quantum Computing and Communication, LiDAR, New Space, Biosensors and more. LIGENTEC’s proprietary and fully CMOS compatible semiconductor fabrication technology provides PICs at lower cost and better performance than today’s state of the art. It combines essentially the benefits of known low loss material such as glass with the benefits of Silicon Photonics and addresses with its low loss, low cost and short production cycle the main challenges of Integrated Photonics today.

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