Miraex as finalist of the NASA Challenge

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Miraex, together with top-notch partners Aperio Global and IBM, has been selected among the 15 finalists for the NASA Science Mission Directorate “Entrepreneurs Challenge”.

Miraex, a Swiss startup located in Lausanne and spinoff of EPFL, is one of the few companies capable of developing a full system with tight integration and co-design of superconducting microwave and photonics circuitry, integrating bulky components and functions in a millimeter-scale package. The company use wafer-level semiconductor fabrication techniques and fabricate crystal-based quantum integrated devices and sensors on-chip.

The team has expertise in developing quantum software and quantum algorithms, and deploying end-to-end cloud-based software solutions using both quantum computing and machine learning.

Their experience ranges across the full stack, from high-level algorithm and platform development to low-level software engineering that is tailored to specific hardware and accompanied quantum instruction sets.