Our Mission

Swiss Quantum Hub is a unique mix of a Think Tank and a Startup Program Accelerator.

To realize the potential of quantum computing and quantum technology, we want to bring together the global community of labs, startups and corporates building the quantum hardware (computers, simulators, sensors, core technologies), the quantum software (stacks, development tools, algorithms) and the subject matter experts.

  • Be the Swiss Quantum Ideas Factory
    • Foster collaboration, information sharing and transfer of innovation and ideas within our community
    • Perform market researches and technology assessments
    • Animate this community (events, seminars, debates, study trips, foreign speakers in residence, publications, annual reports, workgroups)
  • Assist Quantum Startups and Spinoffs
    • Facilitate technology transfers and spin-offs
    • Help startups to meeting investors and seed capital
    • Assist foreign companies joining the Swiss Quantum Cluster in partnership with the economic development agencies of the Cantons.
    • Help member projects at international level
  • Educate, Train and Inform
    • Promote public debate, media and politician understanding of Quantum Computing and Technologies
    • Set up vocational training courses in partnership with major Swiss universities