German PlanQK develops AI on Quantum Computers

The €19m PlanQK project is developing and implementing hardware-independent quantum AI algorithms

German Federal Ministry of the Economy has funded the €19m PlanQK project (Platform and Ecosystem for Quantum-Assisted Artificial Intelligence) in Quantum AI. The project has now 15 partners and 33 associated partners, including Siemens, Deutsche Telekom (DT) and Daimler.

In the PlanQK project, DT’s Telekom Innovation Labs (T-Labs) provides some specific use cases from the field of telecommunications. These include the optimization of communication networks, Industry 4.0 applications or AI-clustering problems for particular applications.

The project is developing a vendor-independent platform and associated ecosystem for Quantum AI. Users could then, for example, compile solutions for their company or commission them via the cloud or a quantum app store. 

PlanQK follows a completely different path to the software development kits provided by quantum computer developers, as it is not a development environment for quantum software and is intended to be absolutely SDK neutral. The software provided in PlanQK can be created with any such SDK by using the concept of patterns, proven solutions to recurring problems in quantum computing.

By definition, the solutions provided in such patterns are implementation- and vendor-neutral. (eeNews Europe)

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