PQShield raises £5.5m for Post Quantum Cryptography

PQShield, a UK post-quantum cryptography startup, today comes out of stealth mode with the announcement of a £5.5m seed funding raise, and news that it has won Bosch as its first customer.

Originating from the University of Oxford, PQShield startup has been founded by specialists in Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC).

They provide quantum-secure cryptographic solutions for software, software/hardware co-design and data in transit :

  • PQSoC – A post-quantum System on Chip crypto co-processor toolkit. Full system emulation and standard development tools ease adoption. Available as modular IP or self-contained solution.
  • PQSDK – Comprising of implementations of post-quantum primitives fully integrated with OpenSSL API and applications such as PKI (CA), S/MIME electronic mail and VPN solutions.
  • PQE2E – A software development toolkit for enabling ‘data in transit’ messaging solutions using post-quantum algorithms, leveraging a new, provably secure, Signal-derived protocol.

PQShield, which was spun out of Oxford University, is backed by Kindred Capital, Crane Venture Partners, Oxford Sciences Innovation and angel investors including Andre Crawford-Brunt, Deutsche Bank’s former global head of equities.