Q-CTRL releases BOULDER OPAL Quantum Control Tools

Q-CTRL CEO Michael Biercuk

Q-CTRL, a startup that applies the principles of control engineering to accelerate the development of the first useful quantum computers, today announced the Beta release of its professional-grade BOULDER OPAL software tools for the quantum computing market.

BOULDER OPAL is an advanced Python-based toolkit for developers and R&D teams using quantum control in their hardware or theoretical research. Technology agnostic and delivered via the cloud, BOULDER OPAL enables building and outputting new error-robust logic operations for even the most complex quantum circuits.

BOULDER OPAL is today in a public beta release, following a private alpha with key customers. BOULDER OPAL delivers the advanced quantum control engineering capabilities in a modern cloud-compute architecture. Key features allow users to:

  • Optimize error-robust controls in high-dimensional systems and circuits. Account for leakage levels and dissipation while imposing realistic hardware constraints using simple commands.
  • Evaluate quasistatic and time-dependent noise-susceptibility of quantum gates and circuits using proprietary multidimensional filter functions.
  • Simulate device, gate and algorithmic performance in realistic laboratory environments using real, measured noise spectra.
  • Characterize noise and drifts in quantum circuits to gain actionable intelligence on improving hardware. Identify noise only appearing in complex circuits that can’t be discovered otherwise.
  • Integrate solutions directly with hardware for full automation, including hardware calibration and optimization leveraging advanced machine learning.

Enhancements to BOULDER OPAL Beta include access to an updated portal with a Launch Pad to access the product via a Python package or live notebooks run on the web, an Activity Monitor to keep track of long-running jobs and processes, comprehensive reference documentation, technology guides and a Quantum Wiki on quantum control theory. (Businesswire)

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