QuAlg: A symbolic algebra Quantum Computing package

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Researcher at QuTech proposes QuAlg, an open-source symbolic algebra package for Quantum Computing.

There are many packages and tools for representing and simulating quantum states and operations, such as nesquid, qutip or Qiskit. Most of these packages are numerical and for example represent quantum states as vectors or matrices of complex numbers. However, in some cases it is convenient to be able to express amplitudes, states and operators symbolically. For example, in some cases, even though the symbolic expression is small, the equivalent numerical expression might be very large, or even infinite-dimensional.

There are already some projects for providing symbolic algebra for quantum information, such as QNET2, SymΨ or QuantumComputing (Mathematica package).

QuAlg supports working with qubit-states, qudit-states, fock-states and even wave-functions in infinite dimensional Hilbert spaces. States can have amplitudes which are pure complex numbers or more complicated symbolic expressions involving for example delta-distributions. These symbolic expressions can be automatically simplified and integrated. Furthermore, arbitrary operators can be defined, even transformations between different Hilbert spaces. Operators can be applied to states or used to defined measurement operators.

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