Quantum-Kit: Simulating Shor’s Factorization of 24-Bit Number on a PC

Quantum-Kit is a graphical desktop application for quantum circuit simulations. Its powerful, memory-efficient computational engine enables large-scale simulations on a desktop. The ability to design hybrid circuits, with both quantum and classical bits and controls, is employed to demonstrate Kitaev’s approach to Shor’s factorization algorithm.

For the first time, Shor’s factorization of a 24-bit integer is simulated with Quantum-Kit in a mere 26 minutes on a modest desktop with Intel Core i5 7400T, 2.4GHz and 12GB RAM, while the largest number factorized so far has been a 20-bit integer run on a supercomputer. For the conventional Shor’s algorithm, Quantum-Kit is about 35 times faster than previously reported simulation times, whereas, with Kitaev’s approach, Quantum-Kit is 6 orders of magnitude faster in Shor’s factorization of exactly the same number. (SciRate)

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