Quantum Machine Learning on QC Ware Forge built on Amazon Braket


In this post, Fabio Sanches, Quantum Computing Services Lead for QC Ware, introduces you to QC Ware Forge, which is built on Amazon Braket. It provides turnkey quantum algorithms, so you can speed up research into applying quantum computing to hard data science problems. He also walks you through an example of using Forge with Amazon Braket to solve a quantum machine learning classification problem.

The Quantum Computing Opportunity

Theoretical work on quantum algorithms suggests they will eventually be significantly faster than their classical counterparts. However, quantum computing has yet to demonstrate a practical advantage for enterprise applications, and it will likely take a few more iterations in quantum computing hardware until it does.

So why should you care about quantum computing software before quantum hardware matures? Despite the fact that the technology is still early in its lifecycle, enterprises are aware of the potential quantum computing has. Many corporations and researchers want to prepare, engage, and learn about quantum computing, and have also recognized the challenges that come with it.

It’s likely that the early advantages provided by quantum computing will require careful formulation of use cases, clever tricks in algorithm design, as well as effective hardware implementations. Finding the right use case, building the (internal) knowledge base, and converting existing processes into ones that leverage the results of quantum computing takes time, even with in-house expertise.

Customers often need help in developing or adapting existing quantum algorithms for their specific use cases such as portfolio optimization, scheduling, classification and clustering for images and fraud detection, derivative pricing, drug discovery, and material design. Having access to the right algorithms is a critical part of understanding the expected performance of quantum hardware, helping guide business units on how to invest in the technology effectively. Motivated by these challenges, the team at QC Ware built Forge.


To do this exercise, you will need a QC Ware Forge account. Anyone can sign up for a free trial, which comes with 1 minute of Forge credits. This is enough to try out this feature using simulators inside of Forge. Quantum hardware runs may require a subscription, depending on the size of the problem.

Here is a link to the full post: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/quantum-computing/quantum-machine-learning-on-qc-ware-forge-built-on-amazon-braket/