Quantum Machines announces QUA, its universal language for quantum computing

Quantum Machines Logo

Quantum Machines, a startup that is building a software and hardware stack for controlling and operating quantum computers, announced the launch of QUA, a new language that it calls the first “standard universal language for quantum computers.

QUA is a kind of Nvidia’s CUDA for quantum computers, both of which providing the low-level tools for developers to get the most out of their hardware. QUA is a quantum computing software abstraction layer.

Quantum Machine’s own control hardware is essentially agnostic to quantum technology. Its language should so become the standard as well, though it runs for now on Quantum Machine’s own Quantum Orchestration Platform.

QUA language is the first language to combine quantum operations at the pulse level and universal classical operations. Quantum Machines also built a compiler, XQP, which can then optimize the programs for the specific underlying hardware, in this case, Quantum Machine’s Pulse Processor assembly language. (TechCrunch)

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