Quantum Personality of The Year 2020 – Nominee: John Levy

John Levy (Seeqc)

John Levy, CEO of the New-York-based Seeqc start-up, is the fifth nominee of the ‘Quantum Personality of the Year 2020’. He co-founded SeeQC in 2018.

From 2010-18 he served as the Chairman of BioLite, a distributed energy company. In 2013, he joined the board of goTenna, an ad hoc mesh networking company. In 2011, he was named Chairman of Hypres, a digital RF and low field MRI company, and in 2012 he helped create and became the founding Chairman of PlusN, a carrier aggregation software company.

Also in 2012, he joined the investment committee of the Nathan Cummings Foundation overseeing a $450m endowment and became Chairman in 2017. John was a founding partner from 2005-2010 of L Capital Partners’ where Mr. Levy led investments in the technology sector and served on seven technology company boards including WiSpry, OnPATH Technologies, HiGTek, Simparel, Evogen, Peek and Peek India.

John’s interview can be read there.

PS: Each week up to mid-January, we will introduce a new ‘Quantum Personality of the Year’ nominee. By the end of January, there will be an open voting process to select the winner amongst the nominees. The winner will be known on first week of February.