Quantum Personality of the Year – Nominee: Daniel Twitchen

Daniel Twitchen

Dr Daniel Twitchen, Chief Technologist of UK-based E6 (ElementSix), a De Beers company, is the fourth nominee of the ‘Quantum Personality of the Year 2020’.

Daniel has 25 years’ experience developing CVD diamond synthesis for optical, thermal, electrochemical and sensing applications.

His academic career started in Oxford working on defects in wide bandgap materials before moving to E6.  He has led E6’s Quantum Program since 2007 with notable milestones and outstanding works in collaboration with Harvard (spin coherence times of seconds at room temperature), Delft University of Technology (first successful loophole-free Bell’s inequality test), Imperial College London, and Lockheed Martin’s 2019 Dark Ice program (first diamond-based quantum devices in GPS-denied navigation applications).

Daniel’s interview can be read there.

PS: Each week up to mid-January, we will introduce a new ‘Quantum Personality of the Year’ nominee. By the end of January, there will be an open voting process to select the winner amongst the nominees. The winner will be known on first week of February.