Quantum Personality of the Year – Nominee: Paulina Mazurek

BEIT Founders - Paulina Mazurek (Credit Łukasz Czerwiński)

Paulina Mazurek, CEO of Polish quantum startup BEIT, is the first nominee of the ‘Quantum Personality of the Year 2020‘ and she definitely deserves that honour.

First, because she has co-founded her company in 2016, when a lot of so-called smart people were skeptic about quantum computing or even were unaware of this potential revolution.

It was a clever move by this ex-Google employee who used to supervise GoogleTV projects.

But she also managed with her co-founder, Wojtek Burkot, and her friend Witold Jarnicki, a well-known mathematician, to participate to the very selecting and challenging CDL Acceleration Program in Toronto. Kudos. 

It was a pleasure to interview Paulina who replied to business and personal questions with a lot of spontaneousness and kindness. The interview can be read there.

PS: Each week up to mid-January, we will introduce a new ‘Quantum Personality of the Year’ nominee. By the end of January, there will be an open voting process to select the winner amongst the nominees. The winner will be known on first week of February.