Quantum teleportation with 90% accuracy over 44 km

A schematic diagram of the quantum teleportation system consisting of Alice, Bob, Charlie, and the data acquisition (DAQ) subsystems.

Researchers at California Institute of Technology have achieved conditional quantum teleportation of time-bin qubits at the telecommunication wavelength of 1536.5 nm. They measured teleportation fidelities of ≥ 90% that are consistent with an analytical model of the system, which includes realistic imperfections.

To demonstrate the compatibility of their setup with deployed quantum networks, they teleported qubits over 22 km of single-mode fiber while transmitting qubits over an additional 22 km of fiber.

Their systems, which are compatible with emerging solid-state quantum devices, provide a realistic foundation for a high-fidelity quantum Internet with practical devices.

The paper has been published in PRX Quantum.