Record seed round for Phasecraft

Left to right: Toby Cubitt, John Morton, and Ashley Montonaro (Credit: Phasecraft)

Phasecraft has just announced a £3.7m seed funding round, the largest for a UK quantum computing company.

Phasecraft previously raised a £750,000 pre-seed round led by UCL Technology Fund with Parkwalk Advisors and London Co-investment Fund and has earned several grants facilitated by InnovateUK.

In just twelve months, Phasecraft has achieved major advances in underpinning technologies required for quantum simulation of materials and chemistry. Phasecraft tackles the biggest challenge in quantum computing: developing new algorithms that maximise the capabilities of today’s quantum hardware to evolve quantum computing from experimental demonstrations to useful applications. 

Phasecraft is one the company that has been selected to build the future UK quantum computer.

Phasecraft was founded in 2019 by Toby Cubitt, Ashley Montanaro and John Morton, expert quantum scientists who have spent decades leading top research teams at UCL and University of Bristol. Phasecraft works in partnership with leading quantum hardware companies, including Google and Rigetti, academic and industry leaders, to develop high-efficiency software that evolves quantum computing from experimental demonstrations to useful applications.

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