Startups Accelerator Program

Quantum Tech Dedicated Accelerator

We invest time and money in promising quantum tech startups, tune their business models and fast-track them to grow and scale-up.

Business and Personal Mentoring

Your ideas will be supported by technology professionals. Experts will provide legal, financial, marketing, and IP consulting.

Performances and Tailor-Made Plan

There is no one-fits-all package. According to your needs, we create a custom tailored plan addressing the specific challenges of your project.

Quantum Specialized Networking

We help you access Quantum international conferences, experts, investors and companies, including cooperation with universities.

This dedicated accelerator program strives to assist swiss quantum startups and spin-off initiatives. We only focus to Quantum Tech companies.

We provide help to quickly grow, to scale your business and to optimize your attraction to venture capital (VC) firms to invest in your startup.

We understand that Quantum technology needs time and a lot of support to grow into a real business. We set a timeframe in which your company spends a few days a week during 6 months working with a group of mentors to build out your business. Whatever your stage of readiness, we adapt to meet your requirements with a agenda and program schedule tailored to your needs.

Our mentor network is composed of entrepreneurs, startup executives, venture capitalists and industry experts.

Your company might be given a small seed investment. Access to our accelerator program and mentoring is done in exchange for a small amount of equity.

We focus especially on business model analysis, intellectual property (IP) assessment, international development and risk assessment.

With our assistance, you, your teammates and your company will be ready for the Quantum global markets.

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