SpinQ Gemini: a quantum computer for education and research

The photo of Gemini (left) and the homepage of SPINQUASAR (right). The Gemini connects with a personal computer (PC) installed with SPINQUASAR. SPINQUASAR provides an interface for the users to manipulate the desktop quantum computer.

SpinQ Gemini is a commercial desktop quantum computer designed and manufactured by SpinQ Technology. It is an integrated hardware-software system.

The first generation product with two qubits was launched in January 2020. The hardware is based on NMR spectrometer, with permanent magnets providing ∼1 T magnetic field. SpinQ Gemini operates under room temperature (0-30C), highlighting its lightweight (55 kg with a volume of 70×40×80 cm3), cost-effective (under 50k USD), and maintenance-free.

SpinQ Gemini aims to provide real-device experience for quantum computing education for K-12 and at the college level. It also features quantum control design capabilities that benefit the researchers studying quantum control and quantum noise. Since its first launch, SpinQ Gemini has been shipped to institutions in Canada, Taiwan and Mainland China.

This paper introduces the system of design of SpinQ Gemini, from hardware to software. The team of researchers also demonstrate examples for performing quantum computing tasks on SpinQ Gemini, including one task for a variational quantum eigensolver of a two-qubit Heisenberg model.

The next generations of SpinQ quantum computing devices will adopt models of more qubits, advanced control functions for researchers with comparable cost, as well as simplified models for much lower cost (under 5k USD) for K-12 education.

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