UK companies to build radically new operating system for quantum computers

The operating system, Deltaflow.OS, works on different qubit technologies including silicon, photonics, superconducting and trapped ion qubits

A consortium led by Cambridge-based quantum computing software developer Riverlane has been awarded a £7.6M grant from the government’s Industrial Challenge Strategy Fund to deploy a highly innovative quantum operating system.

The project will deliver an operating system that allows the same quantum software to run on different types of quantum computing hardware. By working together, the quantum operating system, Deltaflow.OS, will be installed on every quantum computer in the UK accelerating the commercialisation of the UK’s quantum computing sector.

Deltaflow.OS is the first of its kind. While competitors typically present quantum computers as a “black box”, Deltaflow.OS exposes the different elements of the full quantum computing stack. This gives users the power to schedule tasks in an optimal way, improving the performance of quantum computers by orders of magnitude compared to other leading approaches. Once the hardware and software are tightly integrated, the performance is expected to improve even further.

Joining the Riverlane led consortium are the UK’s most exciting quantum hardware companies, SeeQC, Hitachi Europe, Universal Quantum, Duality Quantum Photonics, Oxford Ionics, and Oxford Quantum Circuits, along with UK-based chip designer, ARM, and the National Physical Laboratory.

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