Ultimate Precision: Scientists Reach Limit of Multi-Parameter Quantum Measurement With Zero Trade-Off

There are three modules in the experiment: state preparation, evolution, and measurement. Credit: HOU Zhibo et al.

Chinese researchers showed that to achieve the highest precisions for multiple parameters at the same time requires the saturation of multiple Heisenberg uncertainty relations simultaneously.

Real-life applications like magnetometry or quantum gyroscope typically involve precise measurement on multiple parameters and ultimate precision limits simultaneously achievement.

It has been widely believed that the ultimate precision limits for all parameters cannot be achieved simultaneously, since generators of different parameters are generally non-commuting, which induces the trade-offs among the precisions.

The team extended the control-enhanced sequential measurement scheme from single-parameter estimation to multi-parameter estimation.

They related the simultaneous multi-parameter quantum estimation directly to the Heisenberg uncertainty relations and showed that to achieve the precision limit for multiple parameters simultaneously requires the simultaneous saturation of the minimum uncertainty in multiple Heisenberg uncertainty relations. (SciTechDaily)

Their work has been published in Science Advances.

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