What Happens When ‘If’ Turns to ‘When’ in Quantum Computing?


This is the last report of Boston Consulting Group about future Quantum Computing businesses – as for key player and stakeholders.

Perhaps no previous technology has generated as much enthusiasm with as little certainty around how it will ultimately be fabricated than quantum computing.

Confidence that quantum computers will solve major problems beyond the reach of traditional computers―a milestone known as quantum advantage―has soared in the past twelve months. Equity investments in quantum computing nearly tripled in 2020.

So what problems can quantum computers tackle?

Simulation, optimization, machine learning (ML), and cryptography. These computational problems could unlock use cases in multiple industries, from finance to pharmaceuticals and automotive to aerospace. https://on.bcg.com/3hT71li

Source: BCG Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/boston-consulting-group/