Zapata raises $38 million for Quantum Machine Learning

Zapata raises $38 million for quantum machine learning

Zapata Computing has raised $38 million for its quantum computing enterprise software platform, which brings its total funding to over $64 million.

Based in Boston, Zapata has one product: its hardware-agnostic Orquestra quantum computing platform. Enterprises can use Orquestra to figure out where quantum computing makes sense for them, without worrying about the nuts and bolts underneath.

Zapata uses quasi quantum systems — which emulate quantum behavior on classical computers called Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) devices — to woo potential customers. Orquestra requires changing only a couple of lines of code to swap out the backend from NISQ for an actual quantum system.

At its core, Orquestra is a task workflow composer for classical algorithms and quantum algorithms. A business can thus execute both types of data analytics and compare the results. Orquestra generates augmented datasets, speeds up data analysis, and constructs better data models for applications across financial services, bio/pharmaceuticals, health care, logistics, materials science, telecommunications, aerospace, and automotive industries.

The tool includes open source and proprietary quantum libraries, as well as wrappers for quantum computing frameworks like Qiskit from IBM, Cirq from Google, Penny Lane from Xanadu, and Forest from Rigetti.